AudioNerdz is a group of four students from the Netherlands. Three of us (Aram, Daan & Steven) study Audio Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts (, and specialize in software development for music & audio. The fourth member is Frank, who studies Animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and specializes in 3D animation and design.

We started the Delay Lama project about a year ago as a special project during our course in Audio Design. Eventually it grew out into a VST instrument, and we thought it would be nice to release this virtual singing monk worldwide for the good of Tibet.

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Here's some extra info on us personally:

Aram Verwoest .
Audio Design student.

Developing the Delay Lama was great fun and a great opportunity to express immediately the things I'm learning during my study; DSP, C++ programming and so on. From the very beginning of the Delay Lama's birth, I was at Steven's side to port his realtime CSound model into VST. Later I invited a friend (Frank) to create the 3D-animation, that's where the real Delay Lama was born! I hope you'll enjoy this instrument as much as I do.

Aram (

Daan Hermans.
Audio Design student.

I joined in a little later in the Delay Lama project. It was a nice way of learning some C++ and some DSP stuff. It also gave me a lot of music to listen to, while developing, and some nice lunch recipies, in the end. I really like the way things are going in music software these days. I would really like to reduce my stuff to one incredible laptop, mac in my case. I was the one doing all the mac compatibility, which gave us some really nice bugs at the end of the project.
I once heard this story that the developer of 'Tetris' almost got so addicted to his own game, that it would never have been released. It is this kind of addiction that I also have with the Delay Lama.

Daan (

Steven Kruyswijk.
Audio Design student.

Hi, I'm Steven. I try to keep myself productive with all kinds of stuff related to music & technology, such as servicing Rhodes piano's (see and programming DSP stuff. Over a year ago, I was fiddling around with the FOF algorithm in a real-time synthesis program called DirectCSound, when I found out that I could make it sound like an Eastern monk! Because of my interest in Tibetan Buddhism, the idea for a virtual singing monk plugin for the benefit of Tibet surfaced. Alot of learning and programming later, Delay Lama has finally become reality as a full-blown VST instrument. It has been a really rewarding project for us until now, so we really hope you like it too!

Cheers, Steven (

Frank Post.
Animation student.
I was asked to do the graphics of the plugin. It was fun to do, and also a challenge to make the model complete with the facial expressions and the movements of the mouth. It added nicely to the other things I'm doing (daily), the music and the graphic side of it.

Frank (







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